Thursday, December 24, 2009

Survivor 2

Last saturday and sunday..
i've went to join Survivior 2..
i joined last minute coz my friend's friend cant make it....
so they called me.
.and i went for a try..
on the saturday,
we went to JPAM to listen what they teaches us..
such as..
cpr, the proper ways to wrap injure,
ways to make hitches,
ways to put out fire,
ways to connect fire hose,
and ways to save a person...
well, its very informative..
im not a St John's ambulance member..xp
and all this ways will be tested on the competition days..
we were there from 8am to 4.30pm..
damn tired..
and im working at night...
but i still went swimming with my friend..
hiak hiak..!
(pictures will be uploaded soon)
Because im working till 3am,
the next day when i woke up on 6am,
i fall down to the floor because im damn tired
and my whole body is weak..
im late!
so im rushing although im tired...
reached there...
we waited for 1 hour!
really angry that time..
i didnt have time to eat my breakfast...T.T
well..the whole journey wear included
stunts and also some questions..
its all about teamwork..
we walk from tanjung tokong's
till batu ferringhi's miami beach...
i never walk this far before..
all stunts were carried out at the beach..
so..i get sunburn on my face...
and became darker..T.T
bUt its quite fun..
and im not satisfy the helper that came form Union High...
scold us like shit as if we were a dog...
if she would see this..
mind her to behave her attitude...
she is nothing but just an ordinary student..
so F*ck OFF!...
Back on the topic..
that all acually...
this activiy make me hurt so much..
sunburn, injure on my leg and also hand..
but make me lose weight..*haha*
at the end, im late for work..
and i went to gasoline with hubby to enjoy my dinner...
that all!
(pictures will be uploaded!)

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