Thursday, December 23, 2010

All i want for CHRISTMAS....XD

I dont want a lot for Christmas...
There's just one thing i need,
I dont care about presents,
Underneath the Christmas tree,
I just want YOU for my own,
More than you could ever know,
Make my WISH come TRUE.....
That is..
ALL i want for Chrismas, is you~~

I dont need to hang my stocking...
There upon the fireplace...
Santa Claus wont make me happy,
With a toy on Christmas day...
I just wan YOU for my OWN..
More then you could ever know...
Make my wish Come true....
All i want for Christmas, is YOU~~
To my Lord:
So please my lord,
heard my prayer,
give me a sign,
to show me that you had heard me,
all the sorrow and pain i face througout the journey,
i believe its just a test...
I know im strong,
i know im tough,
i know you love me
and will gave me strength to face...
Thank you for showing me,
what i have done this last 2 years,
you've awaken me....
As for YOU~~
Your mine i know...
Doesnt matter what i've face...
i've belong to you...
No regrettes...
Thank you for appearing into my life....
without you i wont be leaving those craps....
Craps that distroy my life...
To the person i hate...
i hate you...
and i know u know who i know you are....
once dislike, there's no return..
you distroy my life...
but i still want to thank you,
without you, i wont know that i've make a mistake.
without you, i wont know the real face....
thank you...
but i still dislike you...
All i want for Christmas,
Still is
Merry Christmas XDXXD

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