Saturday, January 16, 2010


At last..

competitiion has passed!

and i was in for the final competition!



the final was on the 30th of january..

held in dewan sri pinang..

at least i have 2 weeks to prepare..

because if im able to go in the final 6..

im going to sing 2 songs...

and if im lucky enough i will have to sing without music to
decide the winner...
i have to memorise song..
it seems very hard to me..
but however..
i will do my best!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Singing Competiton@ USM

I went to audition for singing competiton @ usm on sunday.
we can only sing chinese songs..
im afraid to sing chinese songs because of my pronounciation..
i just try my best..
i can gain experience in there..
so i went..
at first i was so afraid...
afraid i cant do it..
when i went in..
i sang a song called 'Beautiful Love'
but i ruin the song when..
but the judges have faith in me..
so he ask me to sing other song..
i sang 'Shi Lian Wu Zui'
the they ask me to sing back Beautiful Love with abit of faith..
so i do my best..
they gave me alot of comments..
we will get the answer at night by receiving SMS..
and guess what??
i was in for the Semi-Final!!
i was so happy..
so happy!
i have to practise more on my song..
and also feelings..
i will be sing a song title
its a very nice song..
i hope i can do well this time..
wish me luck!

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