Saturday, June 23, 2012

I really wanna have a house of my own~~

Stayed here already for more than 5 months.
I really felt that
Nothing is better than our home.
and i really agree with that.
I really wanna move back to my house, 
but its too far.
I  have to travel midnight, and the winding road almost cause me accident.
So, if me and babe really can afford,
i prefer to buy a house of our own.
I hate the smell of smoke out the corridor and toilet...
i hate it when they SHIT and did not FLUSH!
i hate it when the washing machine is not working and they
are not planning to change a new one.
i hate it when i already ask them to repair the light for my room
since last 2 months and no action is taken.
this proves that we are not that welcome in here.
so why not move out when im not happy staying here.
ANyone can recommend a place for me to rent or buy,
please tell me.
i need it ASAP.

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