Wednesday, June 13, 2012

S I C K ~~~

I am s-i-c-k..
Im in the process of recovering,
but its already 1 week!
Last week, when i started to have sore throat and slight fever,
i try to take panadol because i have gigs at night.
After an hour later, my eyes is swollen!
I was like, OMG, how can i sing like that!
but luckily, i have a very considerate band member....

After that i went to clinic and i have to inject for my swollen eye...
after inject, went home and sleep til the next day...

But until now, im still sick.
i've try  not to get medical leave, 
but at last i need to!
So now im lying on bed,
with my head is still spinning.
and still coughing.....
Please let me recover fast....
i dont like this feeling :(


1 comment:

WiFi said...

Take care ya!
drink more water and rest more ya!!

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