Monday, October 1, 2012

Is This call CLEAN TO you??

 Finally, im not staying that place anymore!
October onward,
i can say goodbye to dusty house,
i can goodbye to Lung Cancer,
no longer can see all those bitches,
and many more~

Say goodbye to dirty house ,
and hello to my clean and tidy room.

Well, they say theeir house is clean,
let me show you what they called "CLEAN"!

the dirty and smelly socks that causes cockroach everywhere~

their "clean washing mashinee

fridge that never been clean before

night mare

Is this what they call clean?
well, you might already clean up your house before, new people came,
But i pity them for moving in~~

For now im not going to have NIGHTMARES~
No need to let other push aside my wet dress`~
way to differents~

what do you think the picture abaove?
will you go in after saw this??


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