Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have hopes,
I have wishes,
I have dreams,
I have my own future~

i really wish to accomplish it, without any obstruction,
I wish to go on smoothly~

This days,
i think God is slowly taking my hearts to him,
encourage me, by giving me a group of friends,
and a place where i can share,
a place i can be myself,
and he is also taking me to the right path,
while that,
i have to face the problems that i created before..
and its a complicated and tough one~
I know this happened because of what i allowed myself to do~

i always share,
i listen,
i refresh,
i rethink.
i will set my mind,
to do what i want~

Dear lord,
There is nothing i can ask from you,
I only ask from yo u  important things in my life,
Don't take away my band from me,
and also friends that  you gave me
Give my family a blessed life...

 And thats all im asking.
Thank you for the life you gave me,
I love you.




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