Sunday, May 5, 2013

After so many years

I cant believe that, 
after so many years, i still have chance to go to the Philippines to visit my relatives.
Unfortunately, my grandpa admitted hospital.
Diabetes grade 1, not so serious,
but he wishes to see us all.

Me and my youngest sister went for 10 days,
my parents and 2 other siblings went for 2 weeks+..
Its a  very harsh journey thou.
Me and my sister fall sick,
my face full of acne, 
Maybe im not use to the weather there.

Went to my mom's sister house at Leyte,
Where my Grandma stayed,
but she passed away last year,
went to visit her grave.
Have a very nice beach, clean water.
But need to take 40 hours bus to reach..
my longest bus ride ever!.
not 1, but 2 times.(2 ways)

Felt pissed off, because of the long journey,
and also the attitude!
every toilet tht we go need to pay 5 peso(equal to 40-50 sen in Msia)
expensive and dirty!
in Msia we need to pay only 20 sen - 30 sen.
well, obvioulsly i dont bath for 1 day..(eewww)

Its a hot country there,
loads of people, dusty weather,
many of the poors wondering around asking for money.
dare  not to give because in the end
bunch of them will ask for money.
but the bank is very secure,
every bank will have a guard open door for you.
and its not crowded like msia.
The things there are quite expensive thou.

this is a harsh journey,
but im glad i can visit my relative after so long.

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