Monday, November 11, 2013

Days in hospital

It's been 3 days in hospital, doctor say I can be discharged tomorrow .
I was like PHEWWw~~~~! 
Finally I can get out from here!

This is my first time admiting in hospital, and I need to stay for 4 days! 
It's very boring , what I can do here is only lay on the bed and watch TV and eat. And I'm not that kind of person that can sit still for Long time, I need to move around . 
Besides me there was a old Aunty, she is kinda cute. She speak to me for sometime, and all the time she was sleeping .

Well, why I was admitted ?
I was having high fever for 3 days , and on the second day, I suddenly have high fever. My mum have to wake up continuously to wipe my body , because I am allergy to painkiller, including Panadol.
My parents worried and suspect that I got dengue fever, so they bring me to hospital to check.
I need to went for blood test.
Well, this is after blood test.

Luckily, I'm not on dengue fever!
But I need to admit because I can't simply take medication for fever. 

My very first admission in hospital . :(

Well, they gave me an injection.
And the medicine really makes me sleep the WHOLE night!

Well, I really need to thank my parents for everything. 
Secondly , I wanna thank my boyfie too! ❤️❤️
The second day, he buy me soft toy so that I can hug! 

This is he sleeping on my bed ❤️

Cute !!

Self picture :)

I'm going to discharge tomorrow , and I as like sooooooooo excited!
This is my first experience here, and I hope there is NO second time !! 


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