Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm facing it again and again.
I thought that this will be a good one for me
but, no, it's all the same.
even worst from what I've thought.

What will you feel if you've been grudge by your manager.
What will you feel, when you have already put your effort in, 
and NO ONE appreciate it.
What will you feel, when it's the person that you respect the most?
What will you feel?
I felt so depressed.

For once, I've treat this as my final job.
I've wanted a stable job.
I've wanted a stable life.

After what happened for this past 2 years,
i finally think through, and wanted a life of my own.
With God, With my love one.
I learned from my mistakes.
and i change to be a better one.

I cried in front of bf.
He sees my depression and calm me with his love.
I prayed to God to calm my heart and let me hear a solution.
I'm blessed to have wonderful people beside me.

It comes now for me to make the choices.
its all in my hand.
I'm so angry that i throw out my temper.
My heart struggle in pain.
and my brain is full of negative thoughts.

But now i realize,
all this was a test from God,
so that he can shape me to be a better person.
Once its all passed, 
i will not afraid of any problem anymore.

It's part of our life, to face challenge.
We need to do our part to solve it and not to run away from it.

I may be a dislike to some people.
My past or enemy.
I would like to seek for forgiveness.
if i could.

End my post, with a encouraging quotes,

"In the end,Its not the years in your life that counts,
It's the life , in your years"

-Abraham Lincoln

Do everything,  like it was the last day of your life.


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