Friday, February 13, 2015

So much thoughts - but I'm still blessed !

It's been awhile , since I've post some of my news here. 

In the year 2014, it's a challenging year , and I've change 3 jobs in one year.

But in year 2015, it will be also challenging , yet stressful year for me. Where this is the year where I've got to learn , and explore new stuff in my life. 

Working with people , it's never been easy . People comes in different shapes and sizes, different thinking and perception. I AM the stubborn one , and end up listening to others instruction , for the sake of job . 

I never thought of achieving my dreams , maybe it's not fated . Anyhow , I'm still blessed to have the best gift that give by the Lord.  I've never been so thankful , but after I know you dear Lord, I understand what is called blessed- I'm blessed to have a new life , I'm blessed for the wonderful partner , wonderful family , and all the blessing He gave to me . 

I believe , everything happens for a reason . We are put into test , not because He don't love us , is to let us to be a better person . 

Let us be grateful for what he have now :) 

Thank you dear Lord . 

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