Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Facial Experience!

Good Morning Tuesday!
I am on my annual leave today, thought of renewing my passport, but turn out my passport not expired yet! @@
So, today is not a productive day, but I thought of updating my blog.
It's be a long time I can really sit down and update my blog, compared to my old times, where I can update my blog anytime, anywhere.........(oops!)
 I can update my blog while I was performing.....gosh! 

Alright! Back to my topic.
Today I am going to talk about my facial experience.(heavy breathing).
I'm going to admit that my skin is really really BAD! 
from head to toe.
I have sensitive skin when I was very young, and I need to see doctor almost EVERY WEEK for injection and medication.
But thank God, I'm healed, although I have minor scars, but I'm still blessed!
As for now, my face is very BAD. Very Very Bad.
I come from an average family, where my family don't really thought me how to wash my face.
And when I grown up, i realize, all this need lots of $$ to stay pretty.
Well, for girl, i thought is a must. 

Back in 2 years, I face a very bad skin condition. Where my face grow lots of pimples and very dry.
I've tried lots of products, and not one work!
And my friend, who had the same condition as me, introduce me a skin specialist. 
Well, its quite expensive for first time, and we need to return regularly.
Yea, it work eventually. My pimples gets lesser, but my skin get dry day by day. And my face is BURNING! I can't even wash my face with water because it's too painful!
And thats when I say , No, I need to stop using this.
and once I stop, everything came back, and WORST!

After a few months, My family and I went to the Philippines for a family trip to visit my Grandfather. It was a 10 day trip.
Im sorry to say, but Philippine's weather is very bad. Especially the City.
My hometown ,Leyte has a very good environment compared to the City.
While I was there, the pimples in my face are all bleeding. 
Worst day of my life!

When Im back to Penang, my friend told me that face's condition is really bad.
From that day onwards, I've decided to go for facial treatment. 
Went for a first trial. After being convince by my consultant, I decided to invest in my face a little bit more.

This is how I look when before my treatment.

Yeap! That my face 2 years back.....ewww
I remembered during my first treatment, I can almost feel every part of my face is congested.
And I'm hearing pimples popping at every part of my face.

After 2 years of patience, and this is my result:

**sorry for the ugly face**

The big difference!
When i saw this picture I was like....OMG! Is that me??

I'm glad that I invest on my face and this is the result I have.
I use to put foundation everyday before work, but now, i only uses sun screen!

No Filter :)

My face now without foundation, just a little eye make up, and Im ready to go!

Would like to thank my beautician for the follow up and patience!

If you are facing skin problem like I used to have, I advise you to start your action now by taking care of it before it gets worsen!!

If you wish to go to the same Saloon that I'm going,
You can find them at Sedamo Aesthetic-FB page

Saloon : Sedamo-Aesthetic
Address: No-8a, Jalan Jones, 10250 Pulau Tikus Penang.
Tel:+604 229 4833 / 010 566 4488

You can have your first trial , just call and make appointment!
Do mention my name :)
Bring 5 person and you will have special offer!

Girls, make sure to take care before its too late!
Stay pretty!

Margaret Wong

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