Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Try Out!

Good afternoon folks!
It's father's day tomorrow, any plans for your dads yet?

Well today I'm free to update my blog.
Going to Hong Kong next week for spotlight Penang, and really excited because it's my first time to Hong Kong.
It's gonna be a short trip because its a working trip, but I hope we do have fun there :)
Somehow I know it will be a busy trip @.@

Well back to the topic. 
Recently, I have purchase a product which I would like to try out.
It's called the Miracle Mask.
I also purchased the sun screen, and It was AMAZING!
It's for oily skin, when I use it, it was non oily and greasy. and its really suitable for oily skin.
The sun screen is called DIANE 3.

Its really amazing how the mask can make my faee bright and soft.

This is my another photo without foundation, and non filter.

I still need to work on my dark circle, but as for now, I am satisfy with the result!


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