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Acidic Bunch- Penang(Malaysia) Musicians

Acidic Bunch.
If you have seen my previous post, I do wrote about AB(Acidic Bunch) before, but a short one.
AB is a band where I've joined 5 years ago. They discovered me while one of my keyboardist was playing a gig for a annual dinner.
AB had thought me a lot.
 From a sequencer, to a live band's vocalist.
And I started from very shaky, non-confident vocalist. And today, many people says that I improved a lot!

Here's about Acidic Bunch:

Short Bio:

Acidic Bunch is a high-energy 6 piece band. Our music is a unique blend of different music styles, periods & genres with live instruments backing multi-lingual singers. 

Our customers include:
  • Hard Rock Hotel,
  •  Hard Rock Cafe, 
  • G Hotel,
  •  Golden Sands Hotel, 
  • Soju Club,
  •  Finnagen's Irish Pub & Restaurant, 
  • DKSH, DELL, 
  • Zhulian Thailand,
  •  Ministry of Youth & Sports,
  •  Hitachi, 
  • Kerrys, 
  • PSDC,
  •  EuroDeli, 
  • Canon Malaysia, 
  • Smart Modular Technologies,
  •  Nippon Express,
  •  Schlumberger, 
  • Macalister Mansion, 
  • E & O Hotel, 
  • Penang Turf Club,
  •  The Library Straits at Quay,
  •  Hwang-DBS, 
  • FLUKE (South East Asia), 
  • Reggae Mansion,
  •  Hanson Heildelberg-Cement, 
  • Jenway Technology, 
  • The Canteen at China House, 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Maison De Mariee Bridal,
  •  Reckitt Benckisser (RB), 
  • The Bank Penang, 
  • Chulia Court,
  •  Five27,
  •  Ben's Gurney Paragon,
  •  REHDA Penang, 
  • Berlin's Bier Houz,
  •  Gurney Plaza 
  • Talk Talk Wine Bar & Lounge.

Rock, Pop, Hits, Oldies, Hip Hop, R&B, Blues, Latin & Dance.

Acidic Bunch Members:-

Wan: Male Vocalist/Frontliner

Margaret FuiLee: Female Vocalist/Frontliner

Aaron: Guitarist

CC: Bass Guitar

EZ: Keyboardist

Alwyn: Drummer

Besides that, AB do also have an acoustic session where thay called the "Acoustic Bunch"
Acoustic Bunch are usually Wan and Aaron duo.

The places they played will be at 
-The Canteen at China House
-The Big Fat Hen
-Eurodeli Gurney Plaza
-Segafredo, Belisa Row

Acidic Bunch also have many regulars who supported us every time

Graduation night at The Library Strait Quay

Graduation night at The Library Strait Quay

Graduation night at The Library Strait Quay

The Canteen at China House.

Acidic Bunch has become stronger and better each year. 
We are a friendship band, therefore Acidic Bunch is not complete without each other.

Wedding Function

Wedding Function at E&O hotel

Annual Dinner at Olive Tree Hotel

For more information, you can visit Acidic Bunch's page:-




Bookings & reservations are available for private, corporate & wedding functions, club & pub gigs, NY countdown parties, Oktoberfest and music festivals. 


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