Friday, November 13, 2015

Indie Club Album Launch

It's happening again!
The Indie club album launch is happening at Kuala Lumpur tonight(13 Nov 2015) and tomorrow night(14 November 2015)
Join them and taste the local indie music!

 There will be 3 groups: 

1. Daniel C

Photos from  Daniel C's Facebook page
Daniel C (also known also Daniel Chan) is a very talented singer song writer from Penang. A very pop and country style genre which suit many people's music taste.

Some of the radio listener might have voted him at Hitz.FM Malaysian English Top 10 and he is reigning the charts for about a month when he debuted his single, ‘If I Could’ 

He will be performing his originals alongside The Mætheads (Reuben on keyboard, Jay Sern on bass and Jordan on drums). 

You can also find his music at iTunes if you wish to listen to his music.

Photos from  Daniel C's Facebook page

Daniel C's Facebook page:  Daniel C.

2. Kien Lim Duo

(Photos from Kien Lim's Facebook page) (from left) Kien Lim(Singer song writer+ lead guitar), Jordon Scully(drummer)

Kien Lim Duo is a terror mix of blues and grunge. Also includes the genre of: Folk,Rock,Blues,Alternative,Country
The duo consists of Kien Lim (singer songwriter and guitarist) and Jordan Scully (drummer). 

You must listen to one of his song, which is also one of my favorite song called Demon's Door.
Mixture of Rock and Folk Rock, plus his not so innocent lyrics, and powerful, dreamy vocals, take one on a mesmerizing trip to unexpected places.

You can find his songs here

(Photos from Kien Lim's Facebook page)    Kien Lim's Tshirt and CDs is on sale!!

Kien Lim Duo Facebook Page:Kien Lim Duo
Twitter: Kien Lim

Last but not least....

3.The Color Noise

(Photos from The Color Noise's Facebook Page )(from left)   Jasmon(bass), Reuben(keyboard), Daryl(led singer +lead guitar) Alwyn(drummer) 
 A very power packed band named The Color Noise, led by Daryl Felix, the singer songwriter is backed up by a good synergy of musicians namely Reuben on the keyboard, Jasmon on the bass and Alwyn on the drums. (Penangites!)

With mixture of Post-punk Revival, Disco-Punk, Indie Rock, Power Pop, New Wave, Alternative Rock, will make you go wild and dance throughout the whole night!

(Photos fromThe Color Noise's Facebook Page) The Color Noise- WE WILL RISE Album

The Color Noise Facebook Page: The Color Noise

In case you would like to join, remember to dressed in your most hippies outfit!
Besides,There will be POP UP STALLS selling vintage stuff, tie-dye Tees, handmade design mugs and hippie stuff!

Come and show your support to the local music scene !!

Photos from Shoutrageous-Wordpress

Article source: Shoutrageous-Wordpress


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