Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rain Soul- Worldwide testomonials

After my few post about what is Rain Soul and what does it made of,
it is a MUST to show testimonials, to show how amazing to have this health product!

I've consumed Soul for almost 2 months , it not only boost my immune system, most importantly,
I need not to "visit' the doctor so often, in which the past few months , I almost 'visited' the doctor every month. 
It also amazingly also reduces my back pain. For my day job, I faced the computer for almost 8 hours a day, and also sat for 8 hours a day. 
I've also complain to my colleagues that I have serious back pain if I sat too long, and I need to go to the hospital for MRI scan if the pain continues.
And yes, after consuming SOUL, the pain reduces, and felt so relieved!

Because it has 0 chemical and 0 preservatives, SOUL can also used as a face mask. I even used SOUL as body scrub.
I can save money in buying mask and also body scrub.
And now, my mum started to consume SOUL and do the same as me, and she LOVES it.
I will let my whole family consume SOUL when I am afford to =)

Rain Soul is now been to international market, and we have worldwide testimonials.
You can even find SOUL in an organic shop now.
Many testimonials can be found in youtube and also Rain International website.

Below are the testimonials from very serious illness or sickness:-

This is a 93 years old grandma who suffers from weak functional heart, and caused her body unable to function normally, and started to sat on wheel chair. 
The hospital demanded RM38,000,00 for surgery.
 After been introduced to SOUL, she consumed 3 sachets a day. Only after 3 days, she is able to walk, and AMAZINGLY started to run! She looked happier and healthier day by day! 

Testimonial can be found in youtube: RAIN SOUL-93 Years Old Testimonial

P/S:The video is in Cantonese, if you required me to explain more, do leave your email or contact at the chat box beside my blog, and I will translate for you.

Ms Jessica YU from Malaysia, who suffers from sciatic nerve and shoulder pain, and she needs to take 3 pain killers and nerve relax pill per day.
Rain Soul help reduces her pain, and since then she is very energetic .
She look younger as SOUL also helps in anti-aging and gives her smoother skin.
Besides that, she lost 30 pounds in 100 days!

Testimonial from Thailand, who suffers from serious skin problem.

Lethargic depressed, health improvement after consuming SOUL.

Jesslyn, 23 years old tumor patient.

SOUL helps in scar recovery.

Exzema patient cured after consuming SOUL.

Diabetes patient.

Children who suffered from skin problem for 12 months. Cured after consuming SOUL for 10 days!

Rain Soul has amazingly did very incredible healing to many sickness and illness.
We can start to prevent those sickness by consuming soul.
As many people say, Its better to 'prepare and prevent', than to 'repair and repent'.


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