Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Hey everyone!
Today I will be sharing some important information!

Introducing the new upgraded formula- SO PLUS. 

AXXA SO PLUS is an upgraded health food, manufactured at the USA, one of the scientist is "the father of Seed Oil nutrition", Dr Mark J Mueller

AXXA SO Plus is a Botanical Beverage Mix produced from NON GMO high nutrient dense ingredients by using proprietary patented COLD PRESSED TECHNOLOGY.
Each serving is rich is Essential Fatty Acids(Omega 3 & 6) and powerful Antioxidants derived from Black Cumin Seed Oils and assorted Fruits Seed Oils and flour.

Key Ingredients:
- Black Cumin Seed Oil and Flour
- Black Raspberry Seed Oil & Flour
- Red Grape Seed Flour
-Cranberry Seed Flour


-Boost Immune systems
-promotes healthy cell membrane
-strengthen immune system
- reduces inflamation

SO Plus is the most potent seed nutrition in the world which contain high Omega 3 & 6 frm the x4 seeds ; Black cumin, Black Raspberry, Cranberry & red grape seeds...Formulated by the Scientists that have track good record in Seed Nutrition R&D in USA.
Powered by Axxa Global.

It's one of the powerful health nutrition in which everyone must have it! 
Please email me at margaret.wong0828@gmail.com if you wish to know more!


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