Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It's amazing how people's life change every time.

Whats on my mind now?
I just feel like there is so many things for me to explore.
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a cave where I can only see what's around me.

I do get jealous when people travel.
Most of the time its because i have no $$, but yet I really wish I could.

Ever since I work here(if you know), I've seen a lot.
I changed a lot.
I wanted more wisdom.
Not from reading, but from exploring.
I wanted more recognition, so I started look into courses to get a cert.
Because I regretted for not finishing my study.
My confidence only build when I'm singing, but not while working.
I have no creativity, I'm afraid to express my Idea because I'm afraid of being rejected.

But I do felt happy because of what I am now.
Trying to be better.
Trying to  be independent.
Trying not to rely on people.
Trying to have recognition.
Trying to be SUCCESSFUL.

I know it's hard for me.
Sometimes I feel like giving up.
It's like starting from zero again.

I do wish people can support me and not letting me down.


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