Thursday, March 3, 2016

Faith, love, Hope

It's been 4 years as a Christian, and I never feel left out by HIM in any circumstances.
I never has such great feeling for life since I was young, and how HE had change my life since then.

Ever since I'm believed in HIM, HE gave me:
-A blessed life
-A wonderful partner
-Different perspectives in life
-Faith in HIM
-Accomplished mission
- a happier me
-lots of blessings!

and many more ! 

And I do know, sometimes he will gave me task to go thru.
But all of those task, is to make a better me.
He often remind me to be a great prophets, a person who inspire, and a great follower.
Sometimes I failed to do so, and he gave me chances.

Thank you Lord for changing my life.
There is no word I can describe how grateful am I now.

Learn to LOVE rather than hate
and to GIVE rather than take.

 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.”
-Mark 12:31


Photo credit to Tay Yi Lin

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Are DMG!

DMG= Diamond Make Group

On 28 FEB 2016,
DMG Penang organized a very exciting activity which involve partners from Thailand, JB.
I was unable to attend due to mission at GS, but I am able to catch for the dinner with all partners.

 CEO Mr Danny Phang and Mr Frankie Lim came down all the way to Penang to have a dinner with all partners.
I never seen such amazing and friendly boss in any association or company.
and yes I can say that, this is the advantage of being a PIONEER!

The dinner was held in Penang Club,  together with all leaders in ASIA.


My friendly and helpful upline

With CEO Mr Danny Phang

With MS HRH Penang 2014- Cheryl Geh

pretty ladies

With the new product launching soon, I believe we can do even more with the powerful product.
ALL of us are excited with the good news, and awaiting for 323(March 23).




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